CAB is FREE and open to all CCU students and becoming a Full Member is easy! Come to our meetings and help out events to get points!

Membership gives you benefits such as:

  • CAB Rising Leader Scholarship!
  • Free T-shirts!
  • Retreats!
  • Signing up for trips ahead of time!
  • Much more!

Membership Points 


  • Attending a General Member Meeting:  1 
  • Serving as CAB's SGA representative for the semester:  5   
  • Attending a Temporary Committee Meeting:  1
  • **Wearing Teal on Teal Tuesday**:   1


  • Setting up for an event:  1 
  • Assisting during event (not including attending the event)
  •  - must remain active throughout event:  2pt/hr                  
  • Cleaning up post-event:  1  

Public Relations:

  • Hanging up posters in 3 buildings: 1
  • Hanging up 2 banners: 1
  • Creating advertisement (outside of meeting times): 1
  • Street Team: 1pt/hr


  • Executive Board reserves the right to give points as it deems necessary. 
  1. In order to receive points, members MUST sign in with an Executive Board Member at event. If you miss signing in, you must put in writing what event you attended, what you did, and your name. There is no guarantee that you will receive points without signing in.
  2. To become a full member, students must achieve 15 points throughout the semester.
  3. Returning full members must maintain 10 points per semester.

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